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monsterturtle competition entry: meet the parents by bloostormbrony monsterturtle competition entry: meet the parents by bloostormbrony
bases by :iconrain-approves:

contest entry. meet Zero tagg and Swiftbrush. Zero is the dad and Swift is the mom, heres a bit of backstory i randomly did :3

Swiftbrush: she's a painter from a working class family who never had trouble with the law or anything and came from Ponyville. She earned her cutie mark after she painted her first canvas in her unique "speedpaint" style, she takes less that a day on each picture. she is very peacefull but a little ditzy, with her head in the clouds a lot.

Zero tagg: he comes from a middle class, Manehattan family....but his family is quite different from Swifts. His dad and elder brothers have both been in serious trouble before. Zero has never been in really bad trouble, although he does have a rebbelious side, the worst he's been done for is riding a shopping trolley down a hill through a small church and a farm! He runs a tattoo and peircing palour . He also enjoys breakdancing and he has a nose stud and a bracelet and necklace thing with chain. His cutie mark was earned after he got himself out of his family's dark past and into a brighter one with his breakdancing, tattoo and peircings giving him more purpose in life.

The two met at a Manehattan art gallery which was showing both Zero's and Swift's art. ( zero's being tattoo designs and hers being slightly abstract paintings of famous ponies) They hit it off at the gallery and Zero asked swift out to dinner. bla bla bblah naughty bits OOHH LOOK BABBIES, LETS CALL THEM REBEL AND GRAFFITI! yes, Zero primarily decided the babies names XD
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December 27, 2012
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